penelope bouklas
prop stylist

My prop styling career organically sprouted from of a love of beautiful found objects, problem solving, and creating. I love the process of sourcing, gathering and building a unique collection of props and watching them take shape, seeing how they collaborate with one another, evolving into a cohesive beautiful image.  Inspiration comes in many forms from many different directions, and there's never a shortage of.  


 Absolut, Arbys, Avon, Barilla, Bloomingdales, Bon Appetit,  Corelle, CVS, Dove, Essence, Esteé Lauder,  Food Network Media, Garnet Hill, Godiva, Good House Keeping, Grey Goose, Hellman’s, Interview, J Jill, Kellogg’s, Kraft, LG, Lipton, Mackenzie-Childs, Macys, Mc Cormick’s , Midea, NY Times Magazine, O Magazine, Pepperidge Farms, Petrossian, Rachel Ray, Reynolds, Sherwin Williams, Stouffers, Target, Unilever, WW, Wall Street Journal, Westin Hotels,


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